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Since 2013, no one but the patrons of the now ancient Sam Harris Forum and the now-retired Project Reason Forum knew about this site and why it is here. It was the forum sideboard and held the in-house podcast along with the music chronicled in a thread/diary and was a safe place for the Trioon Scheme. The forums were the only links I knew of but now this home page needs to open its doors to a slightly broader world which now includes this site's own discussion forum that takes its name from the best there ever was- The Project Reason Forum. What was Project Reason? Other than some bio pages, no one knows for sure. Except that it had a forum that I had the honor of admin'ing along with Andrew, Calm Wind and Martin of the UK. The Sam Harris Forum remains in place but is unsecure. Seventeen years of posts are parked there but tis time to start a new pile. 

If you have strolled in looking for semi-humorous politically topical Progressive Rock Concept Albums, they're here. I invite you to stroll through some trioonity. If you came curious about trioon stuff, there is some whacky music to check out. I guarantee an intriguing possibility of how we think and perceive. The music is prog-rock with a silly edge and has no warranty.

That's it. Music and Trioonity and a discussion forum. One of them should work out. Thank you for visiting. Send comments and inquiries to: ranchotrioono@gmail.com

Site Headlines:

Science, politics, news and more are topics of open discussion at the newly rebooted Project Reason Forum. Let's find out what is going on inside our heads! Also, see the latest PRINCIPIA page- . Zero Sensation: An Introduction to Bioonity & check out frequently updated music tracks for the still unfinished Better Bozos.


What in the efin' foolishness is Trioonity and what will it cost me?

Thankfully, trioonity is not just more internet foolishness. As a long time discussion forum sheriff, I should know. I've handled ring bearers and grail finders and the spiritually connected and even The Mabus. I've seen the depths of delusion that our imagination and some weird info can produce from well-meaning folks. It is ironic that I find myself stuck with an idea-mission-monster that could put me in a specimen jar on the nutter shelf next to the grail-bearers.

Trioon is a picture of how we look at ourselves and imagine what is going on inside our heads. It is a picture of an imaginary machine that can be seen at work when watching and listening to people talk. For the many who enjoy imagining what consciousness is and how it works, trioon has no answer. Instead, it offers a different picture to imagine with and demands certain changes in the inquiry. One might ask, why do I need a trioon picture and where do I put it? It turns out that we all have a fine place for it. It is where your current picture of how we look at ourselves and imagine what is going on inside your head hangs. I did not know I had one until trioonity presented an alternative. Trioon does not refine the old picture. It replaces it after making it appear as an easy mistake to make.

Our manner and method of imagining ourselves and others could be a vestige of a religious mind. The old picture shows a person as they would be constituted in a religion or metaphysically-based system. You can see a soul in the picture whether or not you believe one is there. If you do, then you need that old picture to believe it. Trioon's picture has no soul no matter how hard you look. If you insist on a soul, you will have to build one from scratch with some new parts. Likewise, we can all still have FUN with IMAGINING GOD but with a shorter list of possible attributes.

Trioonity brings no challenge to current brain science or its highly educated participants like my forum patron, Dr. Harris. The challenge concerns the picture that everyone carried with them into the schoolroom. Science does not support the old picture and suggests that half of it is a puzzling illusion. Science supports the trioon picture and its complete lack of spiritual realms, primordial consciousness, coaching deities and any handy imagining of new energies. Try it in suspension and let it hang next to your preferred picture. I ended up swapping.

"oon" may sound silly but it looks slightly like a pair of glasses so trioon means three perceptions. Not like three different EYEBALLS but three distinct gleans of our senses.

Trioon has been presented in many forms over the years. The whole evolution of it is included here in the form of essays, forum-posts, and free-form comedy. The Trioon Scheme page hosts a primer that covers all the strange terms like Chunk Limit and Mr. Flashlight. The Relativist Guide to Reality is a book-size project written between 2001 and 2010 that describes how becoming conscious humans could be only one small step in man's evolution and not a sudden giant leap in intelligence. FUN with YOUR EYEBALLS is an ongoing series of articles about perception in general that takes a close look at vision. FUN with YOUR EARDRUMS features a follow-up to the podcast Better Know Time.

The current trioon project intends to replace them all.

P    R    I    N    C    I    P    I    A       T    R    I    O    O    O    O    N    I    C    A

                                           (Principles of Trioonity)

                                            (Principale la Trioono)

 the Last Word on trioonity. 


What music?

Like us, concept albums are held together by their sides. Back in the days of the turntable, playing a side was twenty minutes of listening without having to fuss with the tone arm. Double-albums had four sides so one of them could be really strange. In keeping with this tradition, all on-site PRCA's are presented in full in an album-side format. Our modern digital era has made an odd number of sides no problem. These PRCA's were made in a fruit-cellar studio called the Pooka Blind. Holidays and vacation time from work were spent on all-in musical safaris where deprivation and self-punishment would eventually inspire a competent track. Or as close to one as I can get. The whole story is here.

Six years of distant safaris in the Pooka Blind have bagged a modest set of Progressive Rock Concept Albums. Four are newly gleaned in the digital realm and the rest are old tape-based salvage operations of dubious merit. All of them represent the crazy plans in my head way back in the 70's and 80's. Prog-rock albums made a big impression on me with their broad canvas of media and wide scale of complexity. I know the urge they satisfy. If they won't let me build a spaceship, I can make concept albums instead.

Like these... 


In the War Zone is composed of slightly updated tunes from the Reagan Era that addressed the social and political issues of that time. Thirty years later, well… there we go again. Songs and incidental music are filled with sounds from the archives of C-SPAN. In speaking to the future, voices from the past warn us about the present. The music accompanies the story of Strumbozo and Ahklem- a rock musician and an Afghani freedom fighter who cross America heading for Washington DC to change politics forever. They arrive just in time to embark on an outer space adventure. The songs are prog-rock show-tunes delivered with the impact expected of a lad from Detroit who started in garage bands and radio-comedy at age eleven. Finally, there is hard rock and high-end silliness in one convenient package. 

An accompanying sci-fi-satire-story-scenario thing is presented here

Cast the doubters from the list
Cast a stone if they resist
Say the words and we'll forgive
Think these thoughts and you can live 


Beefcake Madness is a weirdly-vulgar misandric satire of misogynistic culture set to over-reaching symphonic prog-rock made by one lad in a fruit cellar studio.

The title is a term invented in a pizza parlor in the late seventies to describe the culturally infused insanity of the average lad's understanding of females. This concept for a concept album festered in my mind for decades. The project kicked off in 2015 and consumed me for 18 months. In that stretch of time, Trump went from campaign freak-show to President-Elect. Some of the album's frequent skit segments are taken from the Republican debates. Others feature patrons of the Sam Harris Forum, where a chronicle of the project can be found. The music is inspired by many Russian composers. Particularly Arabian Nights type of orchestra-intended stuff like Scherezade. Tracks 5 through 8 are The Legend of the Calendar Prince done as a western saloon song. Granted, those were Ruskies pretending to be Arabs pretending to be Supermen. So what? I will only add to the pretending. Keyboard-triggered synthesizers will pretend to be orchestra instruments. I'll pretend I'm a power trio and that I know what to do with Prokofiev's Scythian Suite. While many items are vulgar enough to warrant an explicit advisory, it is all done with comedic intent and heavy sarcasm. 

The world's a mess and we know why
Those playful boys who smoke the sky
They kissed the girls and made them cry
Pity the boys will have to die  

The Boy/King at the Battle of Dickland was started in the spring of 2015 with a plan to create an epic poem that lyrically fits an orchestral piece but is not heard with the music. The story of the golden haired boy-king who dominates with destruction and gibberish was outlined before candidate Trump came down the escalator. It was inspired by President Reagan whom I remember well. In the story, a fire turns the boy-king's hair a crimson red. In a Reaganesque context, it was satire. There was no avoiding Trump twisting the tale into a documentary. There are no specific characters assigned to instruments though the boy-king is often portrayed as a single piccolo. There are real guitars and drumsticks at work with a keyboard triggering sampled orchestra sounds. Imagining a real orchestra might be a stretch so instead, imagine a rock band with an elaborate theater organ sounding a jungle of voices. The goal was to make something melodic and playful with the rock instruments in a mostly secondary role to the orchestra sounds. The music matches the more heavy-handed sibling album Beefcake Madness made at the same time. 

Welcome to the puppet show
here we dangle to and fro
painted eyes painted world
strings are pulled fists are hurled
spin a verse we'll rehearse
that's all we know

Let us pray
the verse is an old cliché
We are just the dangling parts
we take the course the body charts
if we take things one by one
then we'll know what must be done

Hats Off tO us All was the first PRCA to be done in one year's time with regular reports. It appeared in progress as an evolving set of draft mixes while layers of instrument tracks were sorted out. The layout and sound were inspired by Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies… a grusome way to learn the alphabet but an often-told tale of children destroyed by the world that raises them. Lyrically, the songs tell the tale of the letter A and the events that led to her unfortunate escalation.This expedition tracked a particular specie of vintage progressive rock- pre-synthesizer and pre-sequencer- where everything was played in real time and bands explored new sounds out of their dad’s old jazz and R & B instruments. Likewise, no half measures here. No, this is prog rock. There’s lots of half measures. And, like most concept albums, there’s actually only five songs that have been jumbled together seventeen different ways. 

We are the children of the day
we see some light... we go away
we ride a giant spinning hearse
and cruise a puny universe
In a never-ending funeral march
we go round and round the orbit arch
The sky above, the earth below
There is nowhere else to go


A Strange Gesture of Contempt  is a PRCA from fifteen years ago made in my usual fashion of borrowing gear for months or just a weekend and trying to make serviceable demos for a band. I shied from posting it because it is sonically inferior to what the newer Pooka Blind can grind out. This was a chance to update the ancient electric drum voices with less ancient drum machines and replace the electric guitar tracks that were made in less than ideal circumstances. How hard could it be? Several tedious months were spent sorting out the miss-matched old and new system that left most of the items with mutated track synchronization. That means nothing lined up or played in time. Lots of the old tracks are lost for good. It all became a much bigger and engrossing commitment. As any worthy PRCA should be.

Let me show you my resume of pain
it says your respect is my right to claim
cuz I've been hurt by the whole of creation
I'm a shiny beacon and a pillar of salt
Not my fault for this vengeful display
stand aside or be swept away
by the blast as I self-destruct


Courting the Apocalypse was assembled in 1995 from semi-coherent solo demos for my bandmates and odd items often made with toy electric drums like a Mattel Synsonics Kit. The songs span from 1982 to 1994. These were worked on here and there during the other PRCA projects. Just a few were still around in multitrack form. Most were only available as mixdowns to which I have added a part there wasn't room for before. TV and film were made inevitable the day Muybridge took his famous horse pictures. Both would turn out to be essential to our self-destruction. 

What's this God a-waitin' fer?
Certainly He sees what's goin' on
When will the guilty pay?
When do we get our way?



ZUG ISLAND: An American Dream  is a radio comedy about reality and politics and stuff from 1987. There are four half-hour episodes. It’s here because… why not. 

"Mr. President, in your speech, you often mentioned reality. What changes does the administration plan in this area?" 



If you perceive a certain silliness in all this, don’t worry. It’s actually there.