The Better Bozos of Our Nature (2021)

The Better Bozos of Our Nature

This project presses on. All tracks are in progress and are, for now, gritty digital mixes. Meanwhile, the election went happily instead of shredding all remaining faith in humanity. While happy, this is far from over and it has highlighted a problem. What exactly is faith in humanity? We know what the ter-rumpsters believe. We know what our side doesn't believe. I don't think anyone on either side knows how to describe where faith becomes rooted when it is no longer rooted in nonsense. For now, we can say, out goes the A-hole and in goes Mr. B.

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Progress report

Progress Report:

The on-track track list so far...

A Passing Madman 7-7 new version

FUN with MY COMA 9-4


On Having a Head 3-6 


When Hippo Hears a Who 7-5


And then some 9-4


On Having No Clue


The Cowboys are Coming 1-20 


The Not See Natzi Stomp 1-11


Glare of the Glean 8-8 


Says My Tin Foil Hat 7-9-21


And Now, A Pool for Four on the Second Floor 


The Cowboys are Here 3-1


Music for the Guided Meditation Square Dance


Jesus Not Jesus  


Stomp of the Not Seen Natzis 


The Tickle of the Bunny 


Shine of the Shadows


Better Bozos Part Three: