The Better Bozos of Our Nature (2020)

The Better Bozos of Our Nature

Nhoj Morley

This PRCA is just getting started. No, it has been languishing for months as reality has been tearing us all a new one. Items will appear in crude and undeveloped form and will be updated as they progress. The plan is to be finished by the end of this year or election day, whichever comes first. (that was a gag when I typed it) Actually, this might take a little longer. The topic is the future of humanity.

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Progress report

Progress Report:

The on-track track list so far...


A Passing Madman



On Having a Head, and then some… 


Better Bozos Part One: When Hippo Hears a Who


The Not See Natzi Stomp


Says My Tin Foil Hat


The Cowboys Are Coming


Music for the Guided Meditation Square Dance


Better Bozos Part Two: And Now, A Pool for Four on the Second Floor


Jesus Not Jesus


The Cowboys Are Here


Shine of the Shadows


Better Bozos Part Three: