From the recording The Better Bozos of Our Nature


My brain has its own atmosphere just for me
where gasses my neurons are venting hover like fog
gathering steam and forming a clog and soon to erupt
then we will all have FUN with MY COMA

My brain is a bladder of visions I hear nature calling
in blathering voices in a gathering pool
My order from chaos shipped up from me
and delivered on time
The answers, dear friends, are blowing my mind

My brain is a rumbling landscape
I feel the tremors of the eruption to come
when I'll know the sum
then we'll have FUN
when I wake up from…

Step right up- get three pokes for a dollar
It's a custom revelatory ride when we look
down the jar and see what's inside


and there you have it dear friends thanks to my brain
my custom revelations are all that remain
after the cosmos has driven me insane

My ship sails in the bottle from which all wisdom pours
God is pouring mine that's why I do not need yours