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12/04/22 Trump calls to suspend the constitution -Skipshot 

11/28/22 The White Supremacist Vote -Unsmoked 

11/23/22 Bad Habits and Health -Unsmoked 

11/22/22 Extra. Read all about it. -Nhoj Morley 

11/21/22 Another mass shooting - Colorado -Skipshot 

11/12/22 Is Musk trying to destroy Twitter? -Skipshot 

11/11/22 Raise the voting age! -Skipshot 

11/10/22 Nighty night, Sgt. Pepper -Jefe 

11/09/22 Midterms -Bruce Burleson 

1/02/22 The Green Olympic Games -Unsmoked 

10/30/22 What Republicans are really voting for -Unsmoked

10/29/22 The Webb is Unraveling -Nhoj Morley 

10/22/22 Active shooter drill -Skipshot

10/19/22 One way out of enforcing anti-abortion laws -Skipshot 

10/18/22 14.8% of Canadian Adults (1.4 M) who contracted covid, also reported long covid -Jefe 

10/15/22 “Welcome To Wrexham” -MARTIN UK 

10/13/22 Survey shows 40% of Americans lie about their covid status or measures - Jefe 

10/11/22 Why do people join cults - TedEd -Skipshot 

10/07/22 Republican Versus Democrat Covid Deaths -Cheshire Cat 

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Hope or horror?

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A bulletin board for news links

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Which side are you on?

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Fer it or agin it?

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The Art of Intelligence

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Politics as a timeless issue. Nuance is encouraged.

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