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Here's an old gag from forty years ago. I figured by now, this would not be a gag anymore. The GOPlins are slow to get things done. 
It is an imaginary law passed by an imaginary Congress in an imaginary future dystopian America. Can we imagine anything like this coming out of the House of Reprehensitives? 

The Freedom From Doubt Act (FFDA) declares that "it is unlawful to cause another person, whether by encouragement, cajoling, humiliation, inspiration or logical argument, to question or otherwise doubt their beliefs".

 Most new posts (including mine) are flagged for approval before they appear in the thread. All posts, except for trolling, are approved as soon as I discover them. New threads will be added to the Roster if I can get past the white screen of denial to capture the link. Thank you for your patience. I've lost mine. I have to spot the stairs and bikes, too. 

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