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5/21/22 Christofascism -Cheshire Cat

5/19/22 Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter -Weird Buffalo 

5/15/22 10 More Human Sacrifices in Buffalo -Skipshot 

5/09/22 Will Be Wild -Weird Buffalo

5/08/22 Everything Everywhere All At Once - Weird Buffalo

5/03/22 Roe v Wade -Bruce Burleson 

5/03/22 Murder in local school - Bruce Burleson 

4/28/22 NDE and OBE -Weird Buffalo

4/23/22 Just Shoot Them -Skipshot 

4/15/22 Redneck medical terminology -Bruce Burleson

4/08/22 The Tipping Point -Cheshire Cat

4/08/22 The Cult of Trump -Unsmoked

4/01/22 Merrick Garland -Bruce Burleson 

3/28/22 Down in Texas -Bruce Burleson

3/28/22 Slapstick Comedy and Sensing Humor -Lady Jane

3/25/22 The Great Peanut Exposition -Nhoj Morley


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The Space Bar

Anything under the stars

704/15/2022 by Burton Voorhees

Contemporary Politics

Hope or horror?

1504/27/2022 by Nhoj Morley

News Items in Politics, Science and Elsewhere

A bulletin board for news links

1605/26/2022 by Cheshire Cat

Faith & Reason

Which side are you on?

505/25/2022 by Weird Buffalo


Fer it or agin it?

705/23/2022 by Unsmoked

The Art of Intelligence

Artificial or otherwise

505/02/2022 by Lady Jane

The Hall of Politics

Politics as a timeless issue. Nuance is encouraged.

905/12/2022 by Jefe

The Hall of Philosophy

Ageless questions of what it's all about.

704/01/2022 by Weird Buffalo

The Hall of Economics

Following the money.

105/22/2022 by Lady Jane

The Hall of Science

Can we get serious about reality?

505/19/2022 by Weird Buffalo

The Hall of Holy Grails

Saving the world one post at a time.

504/28/2022 by Lady Jane

General Discussion

You can talk about anything here.

312/17/2021 by Lady Jane

The Forum Funway

All our fabulous features and your whimsy.

1204/26/2022 by Unsmoked


Your reviews and recommendations...

204/26/2022 by Burton Voorhees


Your reviews and recommendations...

305/09/2022 by Weird Buffalo


Your reviews and recommendations...

805/08/2022 by Weird Buffalo


While we still can

605/26/2022 by Lady Jane

Videos and Utoob!

Your reviews and recommendations...

111/16/2021 by Cheshire Cat

Musical Stuff!

tunes, runes and obits

704/08/2022 by Cheshire Cat

Bear Whiff Me

Anything on the personal side

103/10/2022 by Nhoj Morley