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the Princess Phone Syndrome…

It is much simpler to break open the existing “circle” of the narrative and insert a new piece into it than to try to start a whole new circle. Then that newly inserted piece can slowly change the circle by being a part of it. There are few examples of this in our history that shine as brilliantly as the Princess Phone. Others would say Jesus, but no.

Jesus fell short of the standard set by the Princess Phone. That’s why we all know a watered-down, half-baked and ineffective Christian Messiah today. In the end, Jesus could not change the narrative. He gave up and said, “I’m tired. I’ll be back later.”

I think that He is embarrassed about the resulting farce that His half-Assed efforts began. Too embarrassed to Show Up.

Like Jesus, plastic had an uphill climb with the narrative circle of society, too. It met with fierce resistance. Handling it will make your fingers black and oily. Everything will be brittle and smash. It will cost jobs. But unlike some Messiahs, plastic did not give up.

In order to creep its way into the circle, plastic had to look like things that were already in the circle. Plastic things would have a texture of wood grain or leather, or imitate ivory or iron. It endured years of jibing as a cheap imitation of “real” things.

And then, She arrived. Here was unabashed, shameless plastic. The Princess Phone. Plastic for plastic’s sake. Not an imitation. Sensual, emotive and welcome. The circle broke open and plastic rewrote the book.

Obviously, Jesus tried, and like so many before Him and since, failed.

They were no Princess Phone.