Hats Off tO Us All

Nhoj Morley (2013)

Eleventh Anniversary Edition! This PRCA is an Edward Gorey-inspired chronicle of the first Gashlycrumb tiny to go. Amy's flight down the stairs deserved a concept album about mortality that carried on like a sack of Halloween candy on a warm fall evening. See info and lyrics below the track list.

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Going North

A few words about things turning cold. All the musical themes are briefly introduced.

Hats Off

A very old piece that was never recorded before. Amy plays in the garden and talks to critters who admire us humans for our ambitions. They say “Hat’s off to you. If not now, then eventually” 



Things my Mom told me. 


One of the notions this song grew from is the matter of privacy. Specifically, the privacy of the privy and the confessional booth. Why not combine the confession and the act confessed to into a single efficient transaction? 

First Splash

The six-string acoustic and the 5-string Dragonfly. 

Stone in the Lake

This is the same music as Efin’ Faeries done in a lighter mood. 


Efin' Faeries

Amy comes to terms with the afterlife. The instrumental sections are intended to evoke an over-crowded cocktail party full of drunken Stratocasters spouting clichés and falling over each other. 



Second Splash

The six-string acoustic and the Gibson Grabber. 


Hats Off tO Us All

This is an ancient composition from the 70’s that this whole thing grew out of. The intros are in 7/4. We might whisper in a dark graveyard but the real residents are shouting a awkward question. 



There is a tuxedo’ed session drummer who remains a biped until the fade. Then mysterious extra appendages begin to sprout for some final fills. 

Don't Wanna Be A…

Musically, a sibling to Basketcase and also a lyrical response to things Mom told me. 

Third Splash

The piano and acoustic tracks from The Coward’s Way Out played by themselves. 

Look Who's Hiding Now

This one was nearly dropped and took many whole do-overs. The vocals should have been done by a group of children but I only had one rather overgrown example available. 

Another Stone in the Lake

This is one of three songs that were already entirely designed and played before, I composed this at my parent’s house and it was sort of played live at a VFW hall in 1977.

Last Splash

Every prog-rock album should have one piece in it that has no reason to exist except for the sixteen real tracks that surround it. Something that abandons all form and structure… something so stupid that one can only wonder what mad-hatted Stalin forced capable musicians to belt it out. 


It Only Felt Like Going North

This is two little songs, The Inner Racket and The Coward’s Way Out, placed inside a large musical wrap (that’s wrap). I like the little party on the ground outro... every now and then things get off the ground musically and sometimes the results are altogether wheels up. 


If the Teletubbies were a rock band and played a sports arena, it might sound like this. 

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