In the War Zone (2017)

In the War Zone

Nhoj Morley

This PRCA is composed of slightly updated tunes from the Reagan Era that addressed the social and political issues of that time. Thirty years later, well… there we go again. Songs and incidental music are filled with voices from the archives of C-SPAN. In speaking to the future, voices from the past warn us about the present. The music accompanies the story of Strumbozo and Ahklem- a rock musician and an Afghani freedom fighter who cross America heading for Washington DC to change politics forever. They arrive just in time to embark on an outer space adventure. Two pairs of songs in this album are musical palindromes. If the President says down can be up, then forwards can be backwards. That means play either song backwards and hear the structure of the other song forwards. But that's not the point. It means that for each pair of songs there will be a single organ track that plays forward in one song and backwards in the other. There will be two grungie chord guitar tracks in each song. One track is the song's guitar part recorded forwards. The other track is the other song's guitar part played backwards. This barn-stomping barnstormer is Chapter 4: Red Shift backwards. Chapters 6 & 8 are the other pair, which are also heard (boogie section only) in Incidents 2 & 4 actually rolled backwards.

Narration on track one by Ambassador Keyes

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