This sixth incarnation of this old song is supposed to be a sort of bluesy plum loco.


Words for sale today here's how to order Got words and facts and themes and pictures of your dreams
Get some try some you can trust them and believe  

Rest upon our shoulders
My Great Leader
While we carry on the burden on our backs
We will feed you follow and fear you It's a bargain that we can't afford to miss  

So we took some well-read dark upstarts and errant sons
and nailed them to the fact transmitting tower
It said by word and deed concede here's how to order now  

Can't think about anything right now Can't think about anything else
Don't want to go down in pieces
Just want to go down in peace
We're gonna get lost in space
We're gonna get torn asunder  

I'll not buy your pitch today so sue me Can't lose my freedom to the barrel of a song
We'll survive your new world order and we'll claim a space where everything is up for debate