Two pairs of songs in this batch are musical palindromes. If down can be up, then forwards can be backwards. That means play either song backwards and hear the other song forwards. But that's not the point. It means that for each pair there will be a single organ track that plays forward in one song and backwards in the other. There will be two grungie chord guitar tracks in each song. One track is the song's guitar part recorded forwards. The other track is the other song's guitar part played backwards. This barn-stomping barnstormer is Red Shift backwards.
Narration by Ambassador Keyes.


Hey Sailor!
Put on a happy face
'cuz we're gonna win ... win us a war!
Our prayers have been heard
the balloons have gone up
Dash out from the trenches
it can't hurt that much
Real soon we'll have peace and then
we'll have Christmas at home
Like a beacon
these happy face'd notions
will guide the way
We'll help you put on
your happiest face
if it costs us both an arm and a leg
Receive a welcome rest 
on a hill that overlooks the Parade
Put your happy face
The walls will come down
the roof will cave and let havoc in
Our lives will be done
and we'll try to run down streets of fire
We've stepped in it now
On this road of no return
Stand down from pen and plough
In the war zone we say let it burn
All the air goes dark with din
Voices call for heads to roll
while angels dance on pins
Cash to ash and trust to dust
and balls to the wall
Did you see what it's all about?
say you looked
say you have no doubt
Strike the others from the list
Strike a match if they resist
Time to close the open door
if we want things like they were before
We've stepped in it now
We'll never scrape this off our shoes
Happy facedown in the mud
In the war zone where the titans cruise
We'll fight teeth for tooth when
skeptics threaten a helpless truth
Must keep those angels dancing
Cast the doubters from the list
Cast a stone if they resist
Say the words and we'll forgive
Think these thoughts and you can live
Happy happy happy face
My face is so happy
My happy happy happy face
will keep me safe inside