A Side of B

A duck plays Scheherazade in a saloon (Mr. Burleson appears by full legal permission. All rights belong to prog rock.) …followed by a bonus podcast and then a couple of folksy dance numbers. It’s a parody, Vlad. Man walks into a saloon...

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The Sea, Sinbad and the Shipwreck at Palmyra. 

This should be quickly recognizable to symphony music fans as the second section of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade... also called The Legend of the Kalendar Prince... done as a satire. Or a parody. Yeah, that’s it. 

This parody is in four segments: 
An Ancient Carousel of Angry Horses 
A Token for Hell's Nickelodeon 
Rail Hobos of the New Seville 
Hannibal's Return 


Dance of the Playful Wankie Boys: Alboobro 

The Alboobro Movement evokes a boyish excitement with a throbbing that can’t be ignored. The name alone makes one want to peek. I mean listen.

Thanks, Mart! 


Dance of the Playful Wankie Boys: Albuttro

The complete Albuttro Movement with two skits.  


Alvin and Alonzo are altogether vicious 
While Albert and Alistair are asking Aloisius…

Who is Al Buttro? 
And who is a Joe Shmoe? 
You’re just a schmuck so 
you’re not Al Buttro 

Alfred and Aladdin are always in a schism 
While Alec and Alfredo are lacking altruism 
I am Al Buttro but not if you are Al Buttro if not then 
I am Al Buttro if not then we must know who is Al Buttro 

It’s always Alabaster who casts allegiance sparsely
While Alexander is alerting Alan albeit harshly
You’re not Al Buttro since I am Al Buttro don’t tell me 
you are Al Buttro if I said I am Al Buttro 
We must find him before we drop
Only Al Buttro 
Can ever make this stop. 

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