1. 4th Movement

Includes... Manfare for the Common ClanThe Boy-King is ordered to lead the counter-attack. He is told to use the Triple-Blow to make sure each enemy soldier is truly dead. But first, he must lead a squad deep into the enemy camp to soften them before the big fight. Tickle the Horses The Boy-King and his men sneak through the shrubbery to the enemy corral to steal the horses but he has an inspiration for a different plan.  Panic Attack With both sides fleeing for their lives from the surrounding forest fires, the only path of escape is straight at each other where a fierce battle ensues. The Single Thrust  The Boy-King is successful in penetrating the enemy all the way to the Command Tent filled with trembling enemy generals. It is now safe for the King to come and personally deliver the death-blows that make the whole battle his personal Triumph. Once achieved, the Boy-King stabs him from behind. He steps out of the tent and declares himself King Boy-King. The King's DeadThe vast numbers of dead are piled into a huge bonfire. The Boy-King stands next to it and warms his hands. It feels like love. He sees the ghosts but they are not laughing. The new King begins to laugh and sings of his affection for those who die for him.