1. 2nd Movement

Includes… The Dickville BlandEveryone is fired up, angry and shouting at each other as they continue to garden and make roof thatch. But quickly, the routine of Dickville lulls all back into a pastoral trance. The Boy-King is frustrated. A military parade is approaching. Walk of the Dead Returning from battle, the army is passing through the village. The Boy-King is dazzled by the procession of decorated uniforms and shiny weapons. Ghosts of Honor  At the end of the procession, carts of the dead and dying leave a trail of blood. The Boy-King sees ghosts floating over the carts. They laugh at him and mock his ambition. They say, "No one has died for you, little boy-king!"  Farewell to Dickville The Boy-King decides to leave Dickville and join the army. He is given a rickety old horse and is sent on way with a fond farewell. The King's Dream  As he rides, the slow rhythmic clopping puts the Boy-King to sleep. He has a dream where he is in charge and leading an army into battle. Travel PrayerAt a crossroads, the dreaming Boy-King is awaken by a group of travelers. They invite him to travel along with them until they reach the army camp. They share their ambitions and prayers along way. He listens intently and determines that he will answer them all. He knows he is the only one who can. The travelers leave the Boy-King at the entrance to the army's camp, except for a friar, who offers to help with his introduction.