1. 1st Movement

includes… The Dickville Waltz Life in Dickville is mostly gardening and making roof thatch. It is dull and tedious and no one knows that better the lad born with curly golden hair. It looked like a shaggy crown and everyone called him the Boy-King. The Wankie Work Song The Dickville lads start each day with a song to remind them of what must be done. Trouble at the Mill It is the Boy-King's turn to manage the mill. He is determined that it will be the greatest production day ever. The effort is a success but the mill is destroyed. Bop Bop ShaboomThe working lads stuff the meeting hall to decide what to do next. The Boy-King offers up a cryptic plan that promises to bring prosperity and greatness to Dickville. No one understands it but they are sure that the way ahead should be beyond their understanding.