2nd Side B

5- the cowboys are coming 

the cowboys are coming 
back from the shadows 
lads will be punching 
everybody's buttons 
run for your face 
or shelter in place  
cowboys are hungry 
they're gonna want a sandwich 
quick brace the door 
we just waxed the floor  
the round up is coming 
all the trucks are running 
what they waitin' for? 

cheddar and ham? 
pb and jam 
everyone is askin' 
will they use a napkin? 
we'll have to wait and see 

the cowboys are coming 
hide the winnebago 
look for the lads when 
all the dogs are barking 
here come the blows 
run for your nose 
the cowboys are coming 
make them a sandwich 
break out the jam 
as fast as you can 
before they demand 
where on the bread 
the jam must be spread 

it's nobody's business 
it's not for them to say 
no matter how we slice it 
there's gonna come a day 
the round up is coming 
all the dogs will bark 
the sandwich will be ready 
with napkins held steady 
should things come apart 

the cowboys are coming 
back from the shadows 
look for the lads where 
all the trucks are parking 
run for your face 
or shelter in place 
cowboys are cool if we 
make them a sandwich 
kick out the jam 
as fast as you can 
the round-up is coming  
all the trucks are parking  
kick out the jam 


6- on having no clue 

I will remain at large 
I will not be bought and sold 
if I believe I am in charge 
of doing what I'm told 

when our cards are on the table 
we know we haven't got a clue 
our tale is nothing but a fable 
meant to tell us what to do 

poke me with a stick 
I'll perform some cunning trick 
if someone else were watching 
they'd think I was alive 
if I prove it to the living 
they would think I have the drive  
to have a clue 


7- the not see natzi stomp 

(The scene is a political rally addressed by a populist electric guitar. The thumping beat comes from a vast parking lot filled with pick-up trucks. Lads in hats are rhythmically slamming their doors and tailgates.)

we're gonna throw a party 
throw it up against the wall 
will it cast a shadow 
or mean anything at all? 

I heard the natzi stomp 
ringing through the swamp 
they had themselves a fling 
but no one saw a thing 

do the not see natzi stomp 

they will trample in the garden 
and bring the party to a close 
turn a pipe dream into a crime scene 
right under your nose 


8- and then some... 



9- and now, a pool for four on the 2nd floor