Aug 2012 

Nude or Not?

This installment of EYEBALL FUN contains nudity. Though it may not seem obvious at first.

Nothing at all demonstrates our trioon nature more than nothing at all… as in nudity. We are the only creatures on earth capable of nudity. Plainly, nudity is FUN for OUR EYEBALLS. Lots of people spend lots of time and money on lots of pictures and vids of other people engaged in nudity. Plainly, EYEBALL-targeted nudity is the far away favorite. Vid screens like this one satisfy many cravings for nudity merely by replicating the photon patterns that reflect off of nudity. It does it without any further sense input like touch or smell or sound. Why? What does replicated photon nudity do to OUR EYEBALLS?

Spotting nudity is one of our fastest pattern recoginition tricks we have. Cleavage, while not strictly nudity, is a good example. A cleavage pattern will be recognized almost instantly in sub-cinema and OUR EYEBALLS will dart at warp speed to aim at it before a single frame of the cinema view can be made. Hippo is our nudity fan. To Hippo, nudity is experienced as a un-coalesed circus of recognized patterns and not an organized one-piece picture like the cinema view. Perceptions of parts and silohettes and profiles and skin tones are how Hippo can enjoy nudity. Hippo can learn to recognize the letter pattern “NUDE” just as fast as actual cleavage.

While nudity is extremely meaningful to Mr. Hippo, the term holds no meaning for him. It is far more important to Mr. Now because nudity is a direct challenge to his authority. Over what? Mr. Now needs to control or regulate his perception of Hippo in order to remain the dominant self. Prominent in the foreground of the Cinema View is the perception of our own bodies. Mr. Now would like to be just a face and a pair of hands that is carried along by a cooperative non-self. So, Hippo is visually muzzled and replaced with an idealized dress-up doll that epitomizes Mr. Now’s own illusion of self. And, most importantly, it eliminates nudity. Nudity means that Hippo is free to express himself and it may be at variance with Mr. Now’s facial and handular posture.

Our primary inducement to our daily self-induced hypnotic state is our attire. An important part of effective self-hypnosis is believing that we wear clothes for other reasons like warmth and protection. It is true that we are hairless primates and many of us live well outside our natural climate. If clothes were strictly for warmth and protection, why wear them when already warm and protected? And why wear them after we’re dead? Clothes tell others who we are but only after they’ve told us first.

If you imagine an afterlife, you probably imagine one with nice clothes in it. Clothes that last forever. Even here on earth, most sightings of the Ghost of So and So include the additional sightings of the ghosts of the clothes, footwear and accessories of so and so. All a ghost needs is a face and hands and a costume. It is Mr. Now that would do the haunting and nudity would complicate things. No spirit being from Jesus to Jeanie has ever apirated in the nude. Even Casper wears a sheet.

Here’s a simple experiment you can try with some help from a neighbor or visiting Jehovah’s Witness…

You’ll need two paper sacks and two coins. Behind two separate closed doors, each of you flips a coin. Heads means stay as you are and Tails means nudity. Place the paper sacks over your heads and carefully step out into a common room. Ask each other about anything except nudity. Listen carefully for any clues. Reach out with your spiritual Force. Try everything.

When the egg timer rings, each must declare whether the other is “Nude Or Not”. It’s always a surprise when the bags come off.

It is hardly worth mentioning Mr. Flashlight’s role in nudity. Narrators are rarely nude but they do become useful when narrating sexual fantasies. Like kindling, Mr. Flashlight gives our fantasies a beginning, middle and end. That get’s the visual nyeeps looping until Hippo is absorbed in sub-cinema nudity. Then, the narration falls away like a booster stage and… we’ll continue this next time. I’m sure everyone has something they’d rather be doing right now.

Nude or Not? was an unsuccessful pilot for a radio phone-in show where listeners guessed whether the guest interviewee was nude or not. The interested sponsors insisted that it be a cable show. I thought that would take all the FUN out of it. 

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