1st Side B

1- a passing madman  

what the frack!  
what the frack am I?  

he's a ship in a bottle 
on a vast ocean  
that floats in a bucket  
in the land of goshen

I can see the sky  
where the blazes am I?  

step right up  
he's a sample in a jar  
he's a passing madman  
he's going way too far  

can you help me find  
there's a party in my mind  

step right up  
see where all the talk has led 
he's a madman passing  
through the inside of his head

secret agency man 
secret agency man  
secret agency man  


2- FUN with MY COMA  

"step right up, dear friends, and see the specimen in a jar!  
see your fellow man in his natural state of containment  
you sir, there sir, I do say why don't you dare sir 
step right up and get three pokes for a dollar-  

the lucky poker wins a sudden eruption of cosmic wisdom   
share some laughs with your family and friends  
it's all for the better  

step right up- three pokes for a dollar  
it's a custom revelatory ride when we look  
down the jar and see what's inside"  

my brain has its own atmosphere just for me  
where gasses my neurons are venting hover like fog  
gathering steam and forming a clog and soon to erupt  
then we will all have FUN with MY COMA  

my brain is a bladder of visions I hear nature calling  
in blathering voices in a gathering pool  
my order from chaos shipped up from me  
and delivered on time  
the answers, dear friends, are blowing my mind  

my brain is a rumbling landscape  
I feel the tremors of the eruption to come  
when I'll know the sum  
then we'll have FUN  
when I wake up from…  

step right up- get three pokes for a dollar  
It's a custom revelatory ride when we look  
down the jar and see what's inside  


and there you have it dear friends thanks to my brain  
my custom revelations are all that remain  
after the cosmos has driven me insane  

my ship sails in the bottle from which all wisdom pours  
God is pouring mine that's why I do not need yours  


3- on having a head  

I know you're not real  
and neither am I  
I would never know that's true  
if not for knowing you  

even though my gratitude  
has no source or destination  
I saw the whole thing happen  
I don't need a confirmation  

poke him with a stick  
let him feel the prick  
no one's got it in gear  
no one's gotten in here  

do I have to ask permission  
or take expert advice  
on having no commission  
on how to toss the dice   


4- when Hippo hears a who  

the man who swings the hammer  
on the man who drives the nail  
through the man who gets the point  
where there's nothing to impale  

the man has got a swing  
but he hasn't got a clue  
the hammer hits the nail  
from another point of view  

here and now?  
wait and see  
have a cow?  
who is asking me?  

they say there isn't time  
but they haven't got a clue  
no one knows their what to do  
until Hippo hears a who  

point of view?  
here and now  
what to do?  
stay tuned and stick around  
for page two  

he loved the here and now 
but it was a tragedy  
he was going it alone   
he wasn't asking me  

instead he missed the point  
of hiding in the loo  
if no one's by themselves  
when Hippo hears a who  

point of view?  
have a cow  
what to do?  
here and now  

wishing to construe  
look out for every clue  
in a moment we'll conclude  
when Hippo hears a who  

here and now?  
wait and see  
have a cow?  
now you're kidding me  

point of view?  
Johnny on the spot  
what to do?  
to be or not  
another cow?  
stick around  
see it now