Some items on the subject of the wankie lads and a metaphorical call for their destruction, and bringing an end to the silly and cruel male-fantasy world we were raised to live in, and its ever-stunting mindset here called the beefcake madness.

Includes the wild west saloon version of the second section of Scheherazade, here titled The Sea, Sinbad and the Shipwreck at Palmyra. This should be quickly recognizable to symphony music fans as the second section of Scheherazade... also called The Legend of the Kalendar Prince... done as a satire. Or a parody. Yeah, that's it. 

Mr. EN appears by full legal permission. You betcha. All rights belong to prog rock. PRCA's do not hear appeals. 

…followed by a bonus podcast and then a couple of folksy dance numbers. It's a parody, Vlad. 

Man walks into a saloon...

Includes my only song about masturbation. Unless all songs are... 

Field recording courtesy of LadyJane. 

All these synthetic sounds are intended to evoke real and familiar instruments. This was easy to envision as a stage production. The opening opens with the in-house theatre organ in the pit. After some malarkey on a drop down screen, a power trio is joined by an accordion, an English horn and a soprano sax for a playful rendition of 'Down in Baghdad'. Then a small marching band of horn players circle around while each in turn comes center to drill a stupid melody into your ears. They include trombones, four kinds of saxes and a tuba bass line. Not far into the proceedings, the first of the anima-tronic geese and ducks begin to wander the stage. A few at first, then many. When the thumpy part comes, their movements become synchronized as they march back and forth in formation. As the last section begins and the drums get all Ringo-like, they all take off at once and fly away. Shadows pass across the stage as if the fowl are flying around the lights. As things wind down, the keyboard player is free of Hammond duty and tries to strap on the accordion in time for the final chord. It comes just as a cascade of fowl droppings drop on the players' heads. Blackout.