Shaking the Ether Volume Two

Shaking the Ether Volume Two is a collection of more songs, demos, outtakes and improvs made with a variety of musical associates between 1972 and 2017. Details below the track list.

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    Lunch 1:26
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Returning to the Heart 

One of Mark's song ideas in mid-development which is where his stuff always stopped. Recorded in '79 down in Frank's farm house basement before the space became Tapir City Studio. 


Music for the lunch scene made in '75. I can hear the knotty pine. 

Cosmic Superimposition 

Clem is accompanied by Bob playing an Arp String Ensemble in '83. 

A Vox Upon Thee 

Rehersal night mischief. Someone had to visit the bathroom. 

The Ocean Chant 

Another Mark item made in Birmingham while Steve's parents were away. 

Echo Estey 

The Estey's worn tuning pegs inspired Clem to get his own tuning wrench. He eventually became a certified piano tuner. 

The Bar Brawl Jig 

The ending crescendo accompanied a miniature set engulfed in fireworks. Larry and Jeff on drums and Bass were a kick-ass rhythm section. They stayed loyal to Andy's band but I could borrow them from time to time. 

Soapy Piano 

Clem turned his parent's upright grand into a clavichord by driving tacks into all the hammers and weaving strips of cloth through the strings. 

The Moose Call 

A short Mark item of forgotten origin. Not sure where or when ot was. 

The Acid Rock  

We're we on drugs? Some were convinced there was angle dust in the reefer. Mark and I swapped guitars for this strange item from a strange night in '77. 

Beware the Hook 84 

A rehersal evening with Mark in '84. We were working up a new item just before everything stopped. 

Alien Holiday 

The opening title music for the Super-8 Super-silent film made in '75. 

The Ragasm Waltz 

In this scene, Clem's character is playing the piano and speaking unheard lines that appear as title cards. But we can hear the piano. 

The Bar Scene 

Same session as the Bar Brawl Jig and Disco Hulk. My parents were startled by how much we shook the house. 

What the Boys Miss 
Slant Six 

Bob started a band with vocalist Enola Gay Porter called Slant Six that did stuff for a couple of years. This half erased item is a testament to those hard economic times in 1980 when no one wanted to buy more tape. 

Born to be Rich 
Slant Six 

Drummer Jeff could not resist speeding things up eventually if not right away. Daniel did not show up to do his guitar track. 

Pretty Things 
Andy's Band 

One of Andy's numbers made with Jeff and Larry and recorded at some studio for hire in the early 80's. Andy insisted on having old school vynil 45's made of his singles. This is the guy who taught me about albums. 

The Casino Scene 

This large upright piano must have had the house built over it for it has no discernable means of egress. Clem stuck tacks in the hammers to brighten the sound. A stopwatch was used to match up with the visuals. 

Free Celestial Lightshow 

Here is an example of new-toy-it is from just before the Pooka Blind started. I had just bought a decent electric guitar and a Digitech GNX-3 from an ad on craigslist and several FUN noodles quickly followed. It has lots of effects and a little drum machine. Drums and guitar came from the GNX-3 straight into a CD recorder. 

Dedicated to (Rob) who has joined the Celestial Lightshow. 

The War Zone Jiffy 

I was stuck on the image of a Hammond organ set on tank treads that could scoot around while belching black smoke. This hodge-podge of forward and backward tracks would not fit on the CD. 

The Lygetti Systers 

Our first reel to reel recording in 1972. The voices were done at Mark's New Year's Eve party. 

Your Mother's Coffee Pot 

Our pal Dave liked to play Fiz's drums and give the playbacks nifty and inspired names like this one. We percolated until the tape ran out. 

Parting Shot 

One more plink from '84 on the mighty Yamaha. 


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