Nhoj Morley


Chapter 6: Gravity and the Plight of the Working Man



Recognizing an obvious marketing bonanza, a savvy, fur-lined media company sets out to make Americans viscerally feel the impeccable reasoning behind the President's plan. "If logic can't make you happy, try something else! We got the rationales you need to feel good about your thoughts! We make snooty expressions when talking about things we don't like. Join millions of your fellow citizens and share in the mass-snooting!"
Nicely snooting people were paid into a mindless state of la-la-land that allowed them to dispense any synthetic additive that was necessary to blend with the news in order to keep it on the right course. Extra bandwidth was allotted for transmitting the anchors' state of detached bliss and sheer happiness with whatever needed to be true today, or this morning until lunchtime. They tilted the picture until it looked level. There were constant reminders that, after all, picture-tilting freedom is what Our Greatest Country was founded on.
Up and down became a matter of opinion. Isaac Newton was reported to be an intellectual elitist who likely made the whole thing up to cover up his involvement with a porn star. Gravity should be judged on the weight of the evidence of which the Justice Department has found none. "How can we expect those grave liberal elites to know the way forward when they say that up and down can be different in each nation? Up for us here should be the same up for everyone everywhere. Ignore these claims from the sciencie-left that there is some universal force of uprightness! Show me a bucket of gravity, then I'll believe in it."
They made keeping to the path look easy and the alternative paths look like dark passages to Hellfire. "Of course there are imperfections on The Road to Perfection, silly. It would not be 'The Road to' otherwise. The question is, do we get there together, or do some of us have to dash ahead of our progress while claiming that they are leaving us behind?  We should say 'no way jose, you secular-atheist-futurists will stay put and endure the pain with the rest of us!"
"Arm yourselves, citizens! Only when there are enough guns about will we never need to use them! Pile the ammo so high that no one can ever have a clear shot!"

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Chapter Six is the palindromic sibling of Chapter Eight.




Which way is up?

Which way is down?

From Pittsburgh to Duluth

we sought an azimuth


We were safe inside our dens

but not from the wily Fox

He could sneak into the pens

by talking from a box

He polished shiny turds

with smooth and gritty words

the Fox said...

"Gravity don't make no sound

Gravity won't let you down"


Shadows march along the wall

with shouldered arms enough for all

Jutting chins and rolling eyes

that spin from Al Phaboy and Missile Thighs

What's going down? Who's going down?


Down is up and up is down

Gravity will crush this town


Which way is up is up to

the one who wears the crown

should it be a heavy anchor

or a levitating clown

A repulsive magnetism wins

as the moral compass spins, the Fox said...

"Gravity don't make no sound

Gravity won't let you down"