Nhoj Morley


Chapter 5: Waiting for the Castles to Fall



In a fiery speech before the NRA Convention, Ahklem praises their gunfire-fired philosophy and insist that Christianity can only conform to a watered-down version of it at best. In explaining the historical examples of societies based on his faith, he evokes a gun-toting paradise of intimidation and loyalty-based politics. "This short and terrifying path to social progress our enemies have placed us on can be stretched out again by setting the political clock back to a time when the present was more frightening than the future. We need not drown ourselves, as the SJW's would have us do, in guilt!"
As the convention center roof is perforated by celebratory gunfire, the NRA abandons Christianity for Islam.
The President is unwilling to compromise our path to perfection and affirms his confidence in reaching a Golden Age soon and well before any loser-like Caliphate. He promises that "there we be no Golden Age-Gap!" Then, in an unexpected gambit, he calls for legislation to begin The Rapture and insists that Mexico will pay for it.


Come and stand with us
and hold this fort til dawn
We'll table our disgust
and give our brain and brawn
In here the faithful wait
for God's point man to arrive 
while others postulate 
that all can stay alive
Come and stand with us
and hold this fort til dawn
With either side in charge
the other is under siege
Either way we get a world
that no one can believe
Partisans hope to win for keeps
with vitriol and taunts
Until then we shall defend
this fortress no one wants
When can we get on with it?
When the castles fall
When will there be room for all?
When the castles fall
When will it be enough?
When the castles fall
Who can tell it like it is
when the castles fall?
There will be no reckoning
No one up against the wall
All will be forgiven
When the castles fall
Two scoops for everyone
When the castles fall