Nhoj Morley


Chapter 2: No Safe Place



The lads make their way toward Washington passing through upscale and downscale communities where folks tell upscale and downscale conspiracy theories. They all foretell of the ups leaving the downs behind. The downs tell of feeling left behind already. The ups complain that the downs are no longer far enough behind. Everyone insists that the real truth is hidden somewhere under Washington. As they travel, Ahklem and Strumbozo gather all the theories and suspicions and promise to find the answers when they get to the capitol.


There is a place that's warm and cozy
if that is your desire
Those who've seen the dangerous visions
will find it very dire
We find it tough to live there
among the safe and sound
the web has unraveled
and the Heavens have crashed down
Leaving no safe place
This is the story where
we get spaced
I've got no way, no path, no guide, no chase
no up nor down and no safe place
Buzz the bank and say I won't save face
I've stepped out of line in the credit race
Gotta get my shit together in case the missiles fall
Maybe get my sins forgiven
Just in case of a curtain call
No safe place
This is the party where we get faced
I've got no creed, no oath, no cause, no case
no mind to change and no safe place
This is the party where we
put on a happy face
No, I know a nomad man
as distinct from a known madman
I have no wish to rile
My fellow rank and file
Don't call me a deserter
I just need space to think
But I'm not holding ground
that is standing on the brink
No safe place this land is lost in space
No safe place so put on a happy face