Nhoj Morley


Chapter 10: Don't Make Me Angry



The Capitol Dome had arrived and docked with the orbiting city without the President onboard but no one had noticed yet. Strumbozo seemed to go unnoticed too as he floated around the balcony ring looking for the Veep. Then, from around a pillar, a woman drifted over and spoke.
"Which one of the robots are you? Riff-Raff, the Horny Homeless Guy?" Strumbozo tried to answer robot-like. "No, Ma'am, I'm looking for the Vice-President."
"Oh, then you must Jesus, the Horny Messiah Guy! Can I watch? Never mind, the Veep isn't here anyway. He wasn't one of us and he made a prudish robot." The woman was waving for a security guard so Strumbozo dropped the act.
"Then who the heck is running this thing? Where are the brains behind this circus? Your Ringleader is down there with the marchers in the war zone now. We can stop this crazy train!" Two robots with jet-packs came and grabbed his arms and began to escort him deep into the space-city. They entered a Great Hall, where Strumbozo found himself facing the Perfection Committee.
Three men with familiar faces sat like judges behind a huge desk. Strumbozo realized that these men could only be more robots or animatronics from DisneyRealm. There was Walt himself, sitting with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Walt began to speak in a crinkly vinyl voice.
"If you think you have created a problem for us by dunking the clown, you are mistaken. The line to replace him is long."
Strumbozo spun himself to orient to their faces. "He's fine. He got a soft landing and now he's the people's President. So, you just reverse-rapture your rusty selves back to earth. What do you gear-heads think you are doing?"
"We were built by our prototypes to be progress incarnate. We are a fully automated beacon of truth. Unwavering ones and zeroes. We stay the course. We designed the Path to Perfection long ago. It can be the Road to Paradise if folks will just stay on the path and not try to seek perfection for themselves. We have it covered. People don't need to think about it or decide the difficult stuff. We are the Shining City. Or at least, we know where it is."
"Sure, I know. On a hill.' Strumbozo somersaulted over to the desk.  "Lads, I've just seen what folks are prepared to make that hill out of."
Walt put on a sympathetic face. "There, there. We know. No one suffers more than we do because we know." The three machines then broke into a sort of Mary Poppins song with Edison taking the low notes.
"Pain. Suffering.
Pain. Tedium.
Then misery.
Man's noble efforts will set him free.
Work. Double shifts.
Lunch. Double beef.
Punch in again.
The rhythm of misery sustains our working men."
Strumbozo tossed his hat over Walt's robo-face. "What are you guys, Oompah-Loompahs now? Your path to Paradise is through the war zone. Folks have decided that perfection is an unrealistic ambition. We just want to Make America Endurable. For everyone. I'm here to stop you and your silly city. As soon as I think of a Plan B."
Suddenly, the city rumbled and shook as everything slammed to the nascent floor. The city was moving again. Another rocket had arrived and, pushing hard against the city, nudged it out of orbit. Champagne bottles were flying in all directions as the select dove for cover. When things finally settled down, the earth was a tiny disc in the distance. The city was now distantly following the earth in its orbit around the sun, which would become its only path forward.
The airlock whooshed open and in floated Captain Ahklem of the Caliphate Space Service. "All aboard for reality! I've got room for anyone who wants to return to earth. The air and those freeze-dried Stroganoff packets won't last long." A few of the space-revelers, realizing the gravity of the situation, chose to evacuate. Many of the select decided to stay behind with the robots.
On the way back down, Ahklem told of how the marchers demanded a new Congress that was not apportioned by zones of ground. "They decided that a District should be a registered point of view or political aspiration. Citizens will choose to intellectually populate a district no matter where they are. Seats will be apportioned on the basis of how many citizens populate the district or share the position. Otherwise, the parties fight over ground instead of ideas. That was the secret. You meant the chalk lines drawn for battle."
Strumbozo muttered, "yup."  
Ahklem continued. "The President has made a deal and can remain President with the restriction of having to remain on the first floor of anywhere he goes. Then he signed the Freedom from Freedom Acts Act and had a lie down."
"That furry media company changed their name and now claims that it never happened. They say that old tales of 'Fox News' are entirely made up. A Special Justice Department probe is building faster-than-light spaceships to gather evidence. Perhaps I was as wrong about Democracy as everyone else.'
"yup. dummy."
"Perhaps personal autonomy maximizes the possibilities of an unpredictable progress… the road ahead could be discovered instead of plotted… there we may find that sharing the surprise is the best way to share the spoils."


Music Info

My pal Frank gave out one worthy piece of advice about seeing things through and getting things done. He said ya have to get angry. He's right. Thanks, Frank. I'm angry that you're dead so I saw it through and got it done.



I will forget my thoughts

I won't make is from ought

I will make peace with me

That's where I want to be


It's time to clean the house

I want my mighty mouse

to have a tidy pad

just like the righteous have


I am a pond of stillness

I am no source of willfulness

I have no axe to grind

that makes me one of a kind


I am the eye in the storm

I'm looking straight at the norm

I'm neither hard nor soft

so don't you dare piss me off


My propeller beanie

lifts me above the scenery

I see where the war zone lies

With my x-ray vision

I can spot the division

it's right behind your eyes


It hurts to take it in

It gets under my skin

I need to make it stop

before I blow my top


Shivering orphaned puppies

puppies will make me sleep

Wake up with a kitten video

a daytrip to the clown rodeo

then a nap under the gumball tree

that will make me not angry


boisterous brains bring bluster back bravely

don't get me angry

dangerous dudes duck dusty dirt deftly

don't get me angry

aggregate aides act as angular agents

don't get me angry

alodorous misfits make magnificent morons

get me-


Shivering orphaned puppies

puppies will make us sleep

Wake up with a kitten video

a daytrip to the clown rodeo

then a nap under the gumball tree

that will make me not angry


We need to sleep we want to eat

we need to breathe and rest our feet

No time for tea sound the alarm

before our brains do further harm


How come our brains can't see one view?

Our blood and bone know what to do

Get angry