Nhoj Morley


The Boy-King at the Battle of Dickland: 3rd Movement



Includes Travel Prayer, Dancing on Fire & The Creeping Dicks.




While heading off to join the army, the BK's clutch of travel companions share their prayers along way. He listens intently and determines that he will answer them all. He knows he is the only one who can. He is the Boy-King after all. He finds a rough crowd at the army camp and introduces himself with some carefully crafted song and dance. This is met with some derision and demands that this newbie assume latrine duty like every other dick.


Not to be daunted, the BK starts his song again while the soldiers poke at him with torches and spears. He is warned again to take his place with no effect. The BK is dancing over the torches thrown under him. The soldiers are backing the BK into the camp's big bonfire. Due to an earlier twist in the plot, the BK is momentarily inflammable. There is a glorious whoosh of fire but the BK steps out unharmed. All the flames took was the Shirley Temple-like golden curls of his hair leaving a clean crew-cut of bright crimson. Amazed by the sight, the soldiers fall in step around him as the BK teaches them how to march on fire to a new song with his themes.


BK and his army enjoy their revelry well into the night. Meanwhile, their rivals for the rule of all of Dickland were using the cover of darkness to take positions for a morning attack.