Nhoj Morley


Dance of the Playful Wankie Boys: Albuttro



The complete Albuttro Movement with two skits.


Alvin and Alonzo are altogether vicious
While Albert and Alistair are asking Aloisius…
Who is Al Buttro?
And who is a Joe Shmoe?
You're just a schmuck so
you're not Al Buttro
Alfred and Aladdin are always in a schism
While Alec and Alfredo are lacking altruism
I am Al Buttro but not if you are Al Buttro if not then
I am Al Buttro if not then we must know who is Al Buttro
It's always Alabaster who casts allegiance sparsely
While Alexander is alerting Alan albeit harshly
You're not Al Buttro since I am Al Buttro don't tell me
you are Al Buttro if I said I am Al Buttro
We must find him before we drop
Only Al Buttro
Can ever make this stop.