Nhoj Morley



Hats Off… was inspired by the drawings of Edward Gorey. In particular, The Gashlycrumb Tinnies… a grusome way to learn the alphabet but an often-told tale of children destroyed by the world that raises them. Lyrically, the songs tell the tale of the letter A and the events that led to her unfortunate escalation.

This expedition tracked a particular specie of vintage progressive rock- pre-synthesizer and pre-sequencer- where everything was played in real time and bands explored new sounds out of their dad’s old jazz and R & B instruments. Likewise, no half measures here. No, this is prog rock. There’s lots of half measures. And, there’s actually only five songs that have been jumbled together seventeen different ways. It is all a load of foolishness and it is no end of FUN to take it way too seriously. I know. I was there. 

This project is an example of a wee bout of middle age crazy and a near desperate attempt to prove to myself that I can still think of myself as someone who does this sort of thing. And crazy-peppy, too. I started end of last September in mad rush to do it all in one continuous spell of mojo or whatever and it will likely be next September before it is nipped and tucked. I may never get there, so here are some interesting mid-prod mixes. I hope you find them amusing. 



A Strange Gesture of Contempt (1998) 

This batch was assembled in 1998. Back then, all the gear was borrowed and some things had to be done in a hurry... like, a single weekend. That why I won't hurry to put it here. 

Since this was a semi-modern computer recording, I can replace the dated MIDI voices with less-dated ones. I can also replace the hurried tracks with new ones made with tunable guitars and more practice time. 

So, this stuff will appear the other way around... lyrics first.  



Courting the Apocalypse was assembled in 1995 from semi-coherent solo demos for my bandmates and odd items often made with toy electric drums like a Mattle Synsonics Kit. The songs span from 1982 to 1994. Most of these sound horribly primitive and will be redone with new MIDI voices and some replacement tracks. The few tracks posted are originals that will remain as they are. 



Shaking the Ether is an assortment of items from the band, friends and colleagues whose recordings I have archived over the years. These posted items are my things that didn't fit in with other projects and more unfinished songs. 

The cover paintings are by my daughter and they have a curious effect on the brain when a mirror is held to them.